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About us

Jennifer Tipper Chiropractic offer safe and effective treatment for back, neck and joint pain, serving patients across the Wirral and the North West with affordable professional chiropractic services, based in Hoylake.

What we do together, with your treatment here in clinic and advice and exercise at home, is to achieve your maximum recovery and reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence. Our aim is to get you there as soon as we can, with the number of treatments being as few as possible, but as often as necessary.

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Peter Scrivener
Former Wasps Rugby Player

Huge thanks to Jen for treating my back condition. Her knowledge and professionalism was superb and as an ex professional athlete she had plenty of issues to treat. Immediately she identified my problems and within an hour my movement was 100% better. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jacky Loraine

Jennifer + Team, A huge thank you for making me better. I am completely pain free. I really don’t know what I would have done without you, you gave me hope through the dark times and made it all go away. Love

Chris Griffiths

I suffered a back fracture and resulting kyphosis which is challenging to manage . I do so with the help of Jennifer an extremely knowledgeable and effective chiropractor , she has helped me dodge major surgery with her treatment and has helped me cope by easing the pain and understanding my condition . Anyone I know who has a bad back I know where to send . She is the only person I allow near by back as I trust her completely . Cant recommend enough, don’t bother with the rest, come here !

Charlotte S

Jennifer is an excellent chiropractor, I always feel so much better once I have visited. I have recommended her to several of my friends and family who now visit too 🙂

Mark M

Highly recommended. Following an extremely ‘bad’ back I was recommended JT. I have had 3 appointments to date and have experienced lasting and progressive relief after each session. Virtually pain free again

Sarah J

Absolutely made up after my first session with Jennifer. Very knowledgeable and understanding. Struggled walking into the clinic at 29 weeks pregnant with a really sore back and sciatica, but an hour later I walked out pain free (no exaggeration). Booked my next appointment straight away. Highly recommended. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jacqui M

I have had back and neck problems for years but since having a baby these have been a lot worse. I have already seen a huge improvement after a few sessions. Jennifer is really knowledgeable and also seems to really care about her patients. I always feel really good following a session and would definitely recommend.

Nicole J

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I’m a long distance runner for over 40 years. After a knee injury I decided to seek help. After an hour I walked out a new person! I’ve had back and neck ache for over 10 years and put it down to age and general wear and tare. How wrong was I! I highly recommend jt chiropractor. Cant thank you enough xxx