Services and prices

New patient –Diagnosis and treatment / £72

Consultation with your chiropractor, taking a full case history of symptoms and general health
Full chiropractic and medical examination
Verbal report of findings and time to discuss and understand your diagnosis with your chiropractor
Your first treatment from your chiropractor. Most commonly consisting of spinal manipulation and soft tissue work
Treatment plan with recommendations of the follow up appointments and home advice

Please note we allocate up to 60 minutes in our clinic diary for this type of appointment. First appointments can take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes dependent on your condition. We always allocate at least 10 minutes within this hour for the Chiropractor to write up your treatment notes and perform a covid-secure cleaning process. 

Subsequent treatments / £42

Follow up treatments only once you’ve received your diagnosis from your initial appointment.
The chiropractor will give you a mini update and report on your progression with care at each treatment and make any further recommendations of care.
Treatment will often be similar to the first one with spinal manipulation and some soft tissue work.
The chiropractor may also give you further exercises to stretch and strengthen the area at home to help you achieve your end goal.

Please note we allocate 15 minutes in our clinic diary for this type of appointment.

Reassessment Appointment / £52

Reassessment for patients who haven’t visited the clinic for a year or more or for patients who require a longer appointment due to the nature of their condition. (30 mins)

Sports Massage

Initial appointments are 1 hour £48
Please allow the first 10 minutes of the massage appointment for a consultation with the sports therapist to discuss your training, preparation, recovery or rehabilitation requirements, during this time your therapist will go through a brief health questionnaire and you will be able to discuss your goals from treatment. The remainder of the appointment will be a professionally tailored deep soft tissue massage.
Follow up appointments

Professional tailored massage therapy service for either;

60 minutes £48
45 minutes £38 or
30 minutes £28

60 minute appointments are generally for two or more areas.
45 minute appointment are for a specific area which may require a longer deeper massage.
30 minute appointments are generally for one area for deep soft tissue massage.

MSK Ultrasound

60 minute consultation, scan and report / £120

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