Exciting New MSK Ultrasound Clinic at JT Chiropractic Clinic

JT Chiropractic Clinic is now offering an exciting new feature to patients identified as suffering with shoulder pain, who could benefit from our new MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic.  The clinic will run on the afternoon of the last Thursday of every month, starting from Thursday 24 February 2022.  This service is being offered to patients experiencing shoulder pain only and…

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Getting back to normal from April 2022

As you may be aware, during the national lockdown we temporarily extended all of our standard Chiropractic appointments to allow extra time for additional Covid-19 safety measures.  It is thanks to these safety measures that we have been able to remain open throughout the pandemic.   However, following the relaxation of Covid rules, from 1st April all standard Chiropractic appointments will now…

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Is Sports Massage for me?

Whatever the reason is for seeking a massage, your body is likely to enjoy the benefits!  You don’t have to be a sports athlete to have a sports massage!  From soothing tired muscles to calming an overworked mind, massage is a potentially useful addition to anyone’s daily life.  It is…

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