Welcome to JT Chiropractic

JT Chiropractic offer safe and effective treatment for back, neck and joint pain, serving patients across the Wirral and the North West with affordable professional chiropractic services, based in Hoylake.

Here at the clinic in Hoylake, we specialise in treating the cause of neuro-muscolskeletal injuries, not just the symptoms. We have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and give you, the patient, an individual tailored plan of care to provide fast effective relief from pain, aiding you quickly back to a full recovery. Treatment is safe and effective and can be given to people of all ages, with all different backgrounds.

We are friendly professionals, who are passionate and dedicated to helping you. All our chiropractors are experienced, master qualified and registered with the GCC, BCA and RCC. Our goal is to return you to a happy healthy lifestyle as quick as possible!

Our clinic philosophy

At JT Chiropractic our aim is to reduce your pain and increase your function and mobility, allowing you to return to normal daily living, including work, hobbies, exercise and all those things you love to do best! Patient education is paramount, the change occurs when you understand why and how your symptoms occur; we’re here to give you that time and explanation.

What we do together, with your treatment here in clinic and advice and exercise at home, is to achieve your maximum recovery and reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence. Our aim is to get you there as soon as we can, with the number of treatments being as few as possible, but as often as necessary.

Why choose us?

–   Highly experienced chiropractor

–   Friendly and welcoming practice

–   Registered with the GCC, BCA , RCC

–   Range of services; Chiropractic and Sports Therapy

–   Range of conditions treated

–   Flexible appointment times

–   High street Wirral location

What we can help with

–   Ankle sprain

–   Acute and chronic backache

–   General aches and pain

–   Headaches arising from the neck

–   Joint pains including hip and knee osteoarthritis

–   Minor Sports injuries

–   Mechanical neck pain

–   Migraine prevention

–   Muscle spasms

–   Sciatica

–   Shoulder complaints (dysfunction, disorders and pain)

–   Plantar fascitis