New Sports Massage Therapist – Luke Molyneux

The government gave go ahead for sports massage clinic to return on 12th April 2021. Hannah Emmerson has sadly not returned to the clinic due to change in her personal circumstances and I’m sure you can all appreciate that the pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone. 

Jennifer has been extremely busy in the clinic the last few months, so would like to thank everyone for bearing with her for appointments. We would like to remind everyone that if they are struggling and there are no online appointments available for several weeks, please call the clinic so you can be added onto the cancellation list.

Alongside being very clinically busy, Jennifer has spent the last month interviewing for a new sports massage therapist and would like to welcome Luke Molyneux into this clinic with his new role.

Luke, like Hannah studied his Sports Therapy degree at Edge Hill University.

Luke is starting in the clinic this week commencing Monday 10th May 2021. Luke will be available 3 half days initially over Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We will be offering everyone a 10% discount on their first appointment with Luke for the change over. 
Please call the clinic 0151 632 3344 or book online here: